Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Crackers

Firstly I cannot take credit for the design of these crackers as I did not design them. They were designed by the very clever Delys Cram Do pop over and check out Delys's blog as its great and full of lots of ideas and inspiration.

While I was making the crackers (they are not a quick make and take) I had time to reflect on what I was grateful for. It has been a rough year all round but some of the things I am grateful for are, my 3 children, my husband, my mother and especially my Dad who is still with us. His courage and strength is amazing especially this past year. My Xmas wish is to still have him in my life for all of 2010. Seeing my little brother after 19 years and his beautiful son in September, time with my sister at the same time and being able to catch up with my parents. I also apparently created a monster by introducing my Mum to craft. It was great to be able to teach a parent something as they are normally the teachers not their children.

Siblings of which I have 3 who are healthy and happy in their lives, good friends who have supported me emotionally this year and beng able to share craft with a great bunch of ladies who meet regularly at my place.

So what does 2010 have in store for me..... a diamond wedding anniversary (thats 60 years ladies) for my in laws in mid January, a 50th wedding anniversary for my parents in late January, a 29th wedding anniversary for hubby and I, a 50th birthday for me in December, an engagement or maybe two and hopefully lots and lots of fun stuff with family and friends.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Xmas and that you are surrounded with lots of family and friends to celebrate the new year



  1. wow Teejay they are soo awesome!! What a treat for your family (and me reading your blog).
    What a great post..its got me thinking of what Im grateful for too. Have a lovely Xmas Tee-Jay!

  2. Love the crackers Tee-Jay. Beautiful job done!

  3. WoW! these are great with many hours involved in making them. they are going to look fantastic on the Christmas table. the flowers are simply beautiful, would love to know how you made them.