Monday, December 28, 2009

Another calendar

It has been a rather hot day in Wanganui so I decided to venture off to the craft room again and have a bit of a play.
The challenge for today was to try and make something with the new Kaleidscope paper that is in the new mini. Its really not my cup of tea as it has colours from the bold brights colour family and in all honesty I avoid that colour family like the plague. I'm more of a soft subtles/rich regals kind of girl. I am trying however to get out of my comfort zone and try new colour combinations.
The card used was Pixie pink (I now have none left and am not shedding too many tears) and there were no stamps used at all. A friend recently gave me an easel calendar so I thought why not have a go.
The photo is off my 3 children and was taken at Xmas 2 years ago. They had to suffer the "mother line up photo" on Xmas Day and this particular year they were not playing the game overly well. This is the last photo in a series of 5 (that was all the time I had with them sitting still for me).
I have made a story board  photo arrangement of 4 of the 5 photos to put in a frame on the wall and it definitely tells the story of the event. If you look closely I only managed to get two of them to be serious, number three decided she would do the new party trick of going cross eyed for the photo.
I made the calendar for my eldest son who is at university so that he had a photo of him and his siblings.
Now I am wondering what I can challenge myself with next? I might have to have a look at tempting turquoise tomorrow and see what I can do with that. Mmmmm the mind boggles, maybe I'll make a box?

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