Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sham's birthday gift

Recently a very special young lady had a birthday and I found out that her favourite colours were black and purple. I put my thinking cap on and came up with wee gift for her in her favourite colours. My apologies for the photos as I had put the cellophane on the basket prior to taking the photo (a senior moment).
The basket was spraypainted in a matt black finish and lined with sparkly shredded stuff (I think from memory it was called confetti and it came from the hire place)
A little tip - if you are spraying a basket remember it is better to have 10 light coats of spray that one heavy one. You get a better finish if you use thin coats of spray paint. I reused a Stampin Up delivery box as my spray booth. How young people sniff that stuff is beyond me as it smells just awful. I have 3 more baskets which I think I may spray for people and decorate for Xmas. I just hope the man at the paint shop doesn't think I'm sniffing it when I go back in and get red and green cans this time!

Then I made and decorated a box for a perfumed cake of soap which I had stamped a purple butterfly and a couple of wee flowers which had black bling in the middle of them.

I got some lavender smelling hand cream and used a scrap of ribbon and a couple of punched shapes to decorate it. I then made a purple beaded angel cellphone charm with antique silver wings and halo. I added some purple pot pourri and a purchased purple candle and glass stand and finally a card.
Savannah also made a card with her little green machine whose name I cannot mention and used a couple of markers on it to finish it off. The basket was then wrapped in cellophane and purple and black ribbon tied the cellophane up. I used glue dots to hold the sides of the cellophane down.

Sham was very pleased with her goodie basket and so was I when it was finished. I had a lot of fun making it for her.
Happy crafting

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