Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A simple card design

I have recently made invites for my 50th birthday early next month and as I had over 50 to make I wanted to make them far simpler that the style I made for my husband last year. Honestly his took me weeks to make at night and I was so over the design that I haven't made it since.
Take a piece of cardstock 4 inches by 8 inches and score it at 4 inches. Scan your photo on your computer and set the size to wallet size, this way you get 9 prints on a piece of A4.

Cut your coloured cardstock 1/4" bigger than your photos. Tape the photo to the coloured cardstock. Using a border punch, punch the edge of your card.
Pop dimensionals on the back of your topper, and pop it on your card.

Now for the insert, I designed the lettering so that it fitted on a piece of cardstock 3 3/4 inches square, I sponged the edges and then I taped the back. I set it on the fold line so that when the invite was sitting flat the edge of the insert met the edge of the border I had punched.

Watch out for my next post as a friend is turning 40 next month and she wanted retro invites. So check back to see what we did with her invites.
Till next time happy crafting


  1. what a cute photo! and a lovely invite!

  2. You certainly don't need a lot of decoration with such a cute photo on the front.