Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas ornaments

This is the first of 5 posts showing some of the ornament cards I have made for Xmas. I have scheduled them to post at the same time each day so all going well it works. :-)
Well actually this is not a card but a little gift for the little people in your life.
Take a stampin up envelope and punch through both layers of your envelope with a stampin up punch. I used the ornament punch as these are for Xmas (I used another punch when I made Halloween bags for the kids that came knocking recently). Watch out that you don't punch the flap!
Now stamp all over your envelope using the colours and stamps of your choice. Add to a medium sized SU cellophane bag the goodies of your choice.
Pop the bag including its contents inside your envelope. (you don't need to seal the cellophane bag as the contents do not fall out)
Lick the back of the envelope and you are finished. Super quick and easy to make. I have made up 12 for xmas but haven't put the lollies in yet. I thought I might even put some chocolate raisins in them and pop the reindeer poop poem on the back for all the naughty adults who Santa hasn't left anything for.
If you have a go at making these do feel free to email me at with a photo as I would love to see your creations.
The punch and ornament stamp set are $88.45 excluding shipping and you get a free roll of selected ribbon valued at $19.50 to $26.95. The special runs till the 30th November so if you are interested then please feel free to email me.

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