Sunday, February 14, 2010

Craft injury and no its not a paper cut.........

I have a craft injury so have had to rest up over the weekend. I was tidying up Friday night and dropped some paperwork on the craftroom floor. Silly me leant down whilst sitting on my chair and stretched too far...............hubby thinks I have pinched a nerve in my back. Off to the doctor tomorrow to get it sorted. I have no trouble sitting as long as I don't move too much but walking and sleeping, they are a different story. No missy wants me to go to the beach with her and Dad!
So while I have had some time sitting and resting I made this card. The stamp is from the Salebration catalogue. The white paper is confetti white which has little red flecks through it and was absolutely perfect for this card
If you would like to know how to make the flowers please email me at and I will pop the instructions off via email to you


  1. Hope you will up to playing again when I come visit you the 27th of Feb!!

    Love the card! The roses look like velvet! Just beautiful.