Sunday, August 22, 2010

My first scrapbook page...........

Well the truth is that I am turning 50 soon and given that it is a half century (She's a smart one I hear you all saying) and given that I would like to let everyone have a laugh at my expense I thought it might be time to take up scraobooking.

I have never thought I would take up scrapbooking but the new DSP that looks like newspaper was too much to resist. Each of the pieces were torn and glued down, then I used a stipple brush to create the highlight around the torn edge. I also used my Big Shot alphabet and the leaves and of course my all time favourite vintage vogue.

The photo is one half of a photo taken of Savannah and I a year ago by the incredibly talented James Price (he is the photographer behind the Sexy Backs for Autism calender campaign).

James like many of us with special children who have aspergers was shocked to find that there was no funding for his son Tyler when he started school so he developed the idea of people putting their backs into autism and getting a photo taken. The calender is amazing and not tacky at all and as for James, the photos he took of Savannah and I are just amazing.

We both had such fun that day with James, his lovely wife Shana and their 3 children. It was certainly a day to remember. When I look at this page I will always think of James and his family and smile.
Here is an up close shot of the flowers and leaves. (I finally worked out how to get it clear with my camera).

Till the next time I blog, happy crafting everyone and remember you are never too old to try something new. (I think I have found a new passion!)


  1. fabulous & congrats on turning 50 & looking so wonderful

  2. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! What a lovely way to remember such a milestone Tee-Jay. Yes, I agree, you should do more of this new found passion! Great page :-)

  3. It looks great. The first of many scrapbook pages I am sure, Tee-jay. Hope you had a lovely birthday.