Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dressing up for demos

I recently attended a weekend retreat with a group of 25 lovely ladies. The theme for the Saturday night was the colour purple. My lovely upline Rachael (see her blog by clicking on this link) http://www.knightstamper.blogspot.com/ challenged me to do a demo in my costume after I sent her a photo of the costume.
Given that Rachael and I have never met and she does not know how my brain ticks I decided I would take up the challenge.
Showing my angelic side

Yip thats me making pansies. Oh by the way dragons only have 3 fingers which made using a spritzer bottle very difficult but I did get there and 4 out of the six I made were suitable for putting on a card.
It was truly a great weekend and the opportunity to have a well earned rest from the normal daily chores at home and a break from the family.

So I thought I would share ten things about me with you that you probably didn't know:

  1. The suit is way to big on me and not all of the tummy area is me!

  2. I adore purple

  3. I have 3 beautiful children, 2 sons aged 26 and nearly 28 and a daughter aged nearly 12

  4. I have been married for 29 years next month

  5. I was one of 6 children but only have 2 brothers now who I love and admire

  6. I am looking forward to turning 50 in December 2010 as I can send 2010 packing
  7. I'm best dscribed as "slightly cracked" as I have an unusual sense of humour
  8. I love rock n n roll music (thankfully the neighbours do too!)

  9. I don't sing in the shower but am known to burst into song when in the car on my own (which sadly is not very often)

  10. I know most of the words to Hannah Montana's(thanks to my adorable 11 year olds love of Hannah Montana). She has now turned to liking the Jonas Brothers and I dare say there is another learning curve on the horizon for me if I want to be a "cool Mum."
So thats a little about me, do feel free to leave me a comment and if I have made one of you smile then it has been a good day for me

Happy crafting everyone


  1. Knowing you as I do, you had me laughing out loud Tee-Jay! I sooooo get the music thing with your daughter too, lol