Monday, July 20, 2009

We Stamp Guylian Box

I am thoroughly enjoying checking We Stamp at to see what new project there is on offer for the day. This simple easy little chocolate box was made for my daughter simply because she is worth it and the guylian box of chocolates doesn't contain too many for a 10 year old to eat in one day.
Just click on the link above or the We Stamp logo on the right hand side of your screen and get ready to be amazed at the projects on offer.

I used a jumbo wheel to decorate the box and stamps from the Great Friend set in the new mini available for sale on 1 August. Making the box was a way of giving missy a small reward and making a sample with the new set. Hopefully she gives me the box back so I can show my group of ladies! If not I will have to make another one.
Happy crafting


  1. Gorgeous Tee-Jay! I sure hope you get the box back! Thanks for your review of WE Stamp - it's so much appreciated! Glad you're enjoying the projects... there are so many still to come!

  2. Really lovely! Don't you just adore that Great Friend set (and the yummy papers too!). Can't wait for August 1st!!

    Thanks for sharing!