Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mini scrapbook purse class Saturday 25.7.09 2 pm start

This class a stunner, a gorgeous purse with the option to scrapbook inside. It has 2 secret compartments which slide out from the pink tabs shown in the photo where you can write a hidden message in for the recipient or just include a nice photo with a brief message as I did.

This mini scrapbook purse includes my favourite photos of Savannah taken feeding the ducks at Virginia Lake. We have both spent many hours there feeding the ducks and wandering along the lake front. If you ever come to Wanganui it is a beautiful place to visit and the round the lake walk takes approximately 20 minutes in total, and if you dawdle or have a child that likes to hide in all the really cool hidey places yes it does take a little longer!

If you would like to secure a place in the class please contact me on as there are only 6 places available. You need to bring 4 photos of your choice and either snail adhesive or double sided tape. Everything else is provided.

This would make a wonderful gift for family and friends.

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